Questions? We've got answers. This is where you can dig into more of the detail of the ins and outs of AFS from start to finish. We take pride in treating our clients like part of our family; to help everyone get the best possible experience, please read our etiquette, policies, and rules to live by. Can't find an answer? Contact us with more specific questions! 


Can I stop by to check out the studio and talk to someone?

Of course! We'd love to give you the grand tour! We want to give you the best experience and our undivided attention, so it's best to schedule a time via email or voicemail to stop by for a visit as we are not fully staffed all day and hours change with class and session schedules.

Can I just get a membership to use the gym to workout on my own?

No, to keep an intimate and boutique atmosphere, we do not provide open gym memberships. Active personal training clients have access to use the facilities while remaining studio etiquette compliant, with their monthly gym fees, otherwise, AFS offers by appointment services such as scheduled group classes and private training sessions. Please note that group class package holders do not have access to use equipment.

What are the studio etiquette policies?

We are an upscale fitness studio and are dedicated to maintaining an atmosphere where each client can feel comfortable and respected. We ask that clients always be courteous and respectful of others in classes and sessions taking place, remain in full control of equipment at all times and return to it's appropriate location once finished, when using equipment and showers be finished prior to closing time, dress in a modest and professional manner, and please no food or drinks besides water in studio space.

Are there lockers, showers and other amenities in the studio?

We have cubbies for your belongings, fully stocked showers and steam rooms with all of the luxury amenities you'd need to go from your workout to conquer the rest of your day. We also provide complimentary bottles of water, water refill stations, and towels.

Can I bring my kids/pets and leave them in the lobby?

We love that you want to share AFS with your whole fam, but unfortunately, we can't be liable for anything left in our lobby area and want to ensure all of our clients have an enjoyable visit.

How old do I have to be to workout?

Well, that largely depends on what service you're engaging in. It's all fair game for private sessions, youth programs and taekwondo classes, but for group classes 15 years or older with a signed waiver from a parent or guardian.

Will I be able to get through a workout if I am a beginner?

Yes, all of our programs are designed to cater to all fitness levels and instructors can provide modifications when needed. Make sure to speak to your instructor about any concerns.

Can I workout if I'm pregnant or just had a baby?

Please speak with your physician to see what activities you're cleared for and contact us in advance to discuss pregnancy modifications and determine which program would be best for you. But we can tell you that we've had moms-to-be working out until days before giving birth and new moms come in quickly after giving birth.

Can I workout if I have a recovering/chronic injury?

Ultimately, that's your choice. Of course we recommend to speak with your physician about what you should and shouldn't do. Mention your concerns to your instructor so that they may provide modifications. Please be careful and listen to your body!

Do you offer a reward incentive if I refer a friend?

Yes! For every new client you refer that purchases a pack of classes/sessions, you get a $25 credit applied to your account, and our never-ending love and appreciation!


How do I get started?

First, so we can best serve you efficiently, create an account in our MindBody Online business management system found via the button in the upper right hand corner of our website labeled "LOGIN/REGISTER". It will ask for demographic, billing and emergency information, as well as getting a liability waiver signed.

From here, for group classes, you'll have access to purchase class credits and reserve your spot in classes. For all other services, complete the inquiry form on the corresponding service page and we will be in contact soon.


What should I wear?

Nothing too tricky here, just be ready to sweat in a modest and clean athletic outfit with supportive shoes that allows for movement!

Should I eat before I come?

Most nutritionists recommend eating something 30-60 minutes before class to give you enough energy to make it through the workout and the protein to build and tone muscles. Just make sure you don't get too full. Try something that's in the 200-300 calorie range and includes some sugars, carbs, and protein. Bananas and almonds are two great examples of foods that work well before a class. And make sure to hydrate!

When should I arrive?

For first timers, we recommend arriving 10 minutes prior to the start of your visit. There's nothing worse than feeling rushed and we want to ensure we give you the best studio experience including showing you around, getting to know you and answer any questions you may have!

Return group class clients, please sign-in no later than 3 minutes before your class begins, otherwise all reservations will be released if someone is waiting on standby for a sold out class.

What do I need to do when I arrive?

Upon every arrival, you'll check yourself in on our iPad station to whichever type of session you're joining. Make sure you're good on water, grab a towel and place your belongings in the allotted cubbies. If you're a few minutes early, you can wait in the lobby or find a spot to stretch out, but please refrain from using cardio or weight equipment.


Do you offer a special if I'm new?

Yes! For local residents, we provide the first class free and a new client intro unlimited month of group classes for $100. Both of these credits can be applied online when reserving your spot in class.

Do you offer a discount for students, family-add ons and corporate teams?

Yes! Contact us to get this setup for you.

When does my class package activate?

Your package begins the day of purchase.

Will I be charged automatically after my new client special is up?

No. Now is the time to decide how often you can come and buy a package to match.

How does the 8 classes per month package work exactly?

8 classes per month recurs every 30 days. You can spread them out or take them all in one day, the choice is up to you; but the visits do not roll over to the next month.

Why do I only see the new client first free class, a drop-in class, 10 class pack or the new client intro unlimited month as purchase options?

These are all non-recurring packages located under the auto-generated page tab "class packs", our 8 classes per month and unlimited month can be found under the "recurring class packs" tab.

Can I share or transfer my class package?

Unfortunately, no, all packages are per client. We do have a family-add on discount.

What happens if my auto-renewal billing amount is declined?

If the payment cannot be processed after two attempts, you will be notified and booking privileges will be suspended until billing information is updated.

How do I cancel my auto-renew?

The 8 classes per month and unlimited month have a 3 month contract that will automatically renew for another 3 month contract unless it is cancelled prior. Just contact us prior to your next auto-renewal and we will get it cancelled for you.

General terms and conditions

All clients must have a valid CC on file. All sales are final, non-transferable or shareable.


Do I need to schedule classes or can I just show up?

We require clients to reserve your class online to ensure your spot, as classes are limited to 8 people. If you just walk-in and the class is sold out, you may wait in the lobby to see if someone no-shows to their reservation.

How do I schedule classes?

You can schedule your classes through the "Class Schedule/Account" button on the front page of our website or the Abundio's app in the App Store or Google Play. Make sure to use your current login information and not create a new account, although, it will ask you to create a new password for the app. If you don't know/have a password, go to the desktop version and select need password using the email you provided on file. Once you've created your MindBody Online account through our website and applied class credits to your account, you'll then have access to reserve classes. Once you find a class you would like to attend, click "Reserve" and then you'll be asked to confirm by "Make a single reservation". To make sure this class has been added to your schedule, you can go check the "My Schedule" tab.

What if I'm having trouble scheduling or buying packages?

Technology can be a real buzz kill sometimes. Log into the desktop version found in our website to ensure all of your information is up to date such as billing information as sometimes this can create issues with using the app. If you do not get any alerts and everything looks good, contact us and we'll troubleshoot for you!

How far in advance can I schedule a class?

We display schedules up to 7 days in advance and you can reserve classes within minutes of the class time.

What if I need to cancel a class?

You may cancel your reservation by logging into your MindBody Online account > My Info > My Schedule and selecting "Cancel".

What is the Late Cancel and No Show Policy?

If you cancel within 4 hours of class or do not show up for your class, you will a) for clients with a limited package forfeit that session credit (including the first free class) or b) for clients with an unlimited month will charged a $10 fee. Cancellation charges are submitted on Fridays. This allows us to make sure someone else gets a spot in class if you can't make it.

Can I go to more than one class per day with the unlimited month?

Yes, you can!

What if the class is sold out? Can I be added to the waitlist?

In the event that a class is full, our online scheduler will ask you if you would like to be placed on a waiting list. If you choose to be on the waiting list, you will be added to class when space becomes available up to 4 hours prior to class. The waiting list will stop moving at this point, and you will need to contact the studio to see if there are any late cancellations, or you may show up. If you show up, please know that there is chance you will not get to take class if it is full. When taking a waiting list spot, please know that the same cancellation policy applies after you are added, so make sure to cancel this if you can no longer make it. Therefore, when you are added and do not show up for class, the system will count your absence as a "no-show", and you will be charged.