We've curated a mixture of group class methods under one roof that will feed the mind, body and soul. Each of our classes were designed to accommodate all fitness levels and incorporate total body, fat torching and muscle sculpting elements. Classes are limited to 8 people to provide an optimal small group environment for personalized attention (thus why scheduling ahead of time is required). Asking which class would be best to try and will be your favorite is like asking to pick a favorite child: impossible; so indulge in everything for the best benefits. 




HIIT is a fiercely fun 50 minute hybrid circuit interval class that uses the building blocks essential to delivering optimal results with a total body focus by blending high intensity intervals and strength training, with highly varied movements using a range of props, equipment and body resistance exercises. By delivering a different experience each day, this class is the definition of real variety, which in turn gets you real results. Say goodbye to plateaus and hello to bod goals.



Get a knockout body in this cardio kickboxing class. Expect 50 minutes of a heart-racing, full body workout packs a punch by combining explosive rounds of non-contact kick and punch combinations, body-weight plyometric exercises and bag work, set to pumping high-energy music that motivates you to both lose and find yourself. You’ll leave with toned muscles, an all-day calorie burn, relieved of stress and seriously empowered to punch your day in the face to be the best version of yourself.



Boxing, reinvented. We ditched the ring, kept the gloves and benefits. Pairing shadowboxing, heavy bag and focus mit drills with fat-burning cardio, core work and plyometrics, our workout sculpts, leans and champions a fit physique in a motivational environment. As you arrive at your heavy bag station, the 50 minute experience begins. You start burning calories and release stress and empowers the soul with every punch. We are not fighters; we just like a little fight with our fitness. Jab, cross, hook and uppercut your way to a killer total knockout bod. For this class, we have boxing gloves for you to use when trying out, but suggest getting your own to continue with, here's what we recommend: boxing gloves and hand wraps.



Defy gravity in this body shaking, high-intensity, low-impact 30 minute class that uses suspension training band drills to provide a total-body workout with an emphasis in engaging the core muscles of the body. The TRX Suspension Trainer allows you to leverage your own bodyweight to perform a series of movements designed to increase strength, endurance, flexibility and mobility and will leave you feeling amazing and toned in all the right places.