Lauren Lewkowicz has been teaching yoga since 2016 and been practicing for over a decade. She graduated from a 200-hour teacher training in 2016. That same year, she completed 50-hour extended teaching skills training, 8 hour Restorative yoga module, 50-hour Yoga Sculpt training and 200-hour Hot Power Fusion training. She is also a Board Certified Behaviorist (BCBA) and holds her Master's Degree in Education with an emphasis on psychology. Additionally, Lauren has received training in mindfulness and meditation as a way to rewire the brain. Lauren teaches a vinyasa style yoga class that roots with an inspirational + energetic flow containing out-of-the-box transitions set to music. After powering her students up physically so they can clear their minds; Lauren slows the tempo to soothe the mind. By working inward from a state of clarity, Lauren hopes for her students to find their inner power by connecting to and caring for themselves.  

For the past eleven years, Lauren has also worked with individuals, small and large groups, school districts and corporations as a Naturalistic Applied Behaviorist. Her passion for helping individuals to realize their ultimate potential incorporates the use of the Six Dimensions of Wellness (Hettler, 1976): Emotional, Physical, Occupational, Social, Spiritual and Intellectual.  She combines holistic wellness approaches with behavioral analysis to promote optimization of physical and emotional well being. Her focus on communication and passion for teaching self-care habits to others aids in her ability to connect and coach others.  Her approach is action centric; meaning she looks at the behaviors currently in existence, understands the functions of those behaviors and incorporates measurable self-care strategies and holistic approaches into the interventions to coach her clients toward their best self. 

Bridging empirically validated approaches + cutting edge research on meditation and wellness, Lauren is sure to guide you, your team, your family and loved ones on how to truly Be Well

You can find out more about her further services here in her company, LLBeWell.

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