Nowadays, in a world that glorifies violence and cases of bullying and crimes continue to rise, it is more important than ever to empower yourself and your loved ones with the knowledge of awareness and protection skills.

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Martial arts is so much more than just kicking and punching. The life skills we teach as a part of our classes help children grow into responsible young adults by improving their self-esteem and focus, ability to set goals, create good respectful habits, develop fine motor skills, coordination and socialization. These lessons progress through growing their knowledge of self-defense as they continue a journey they have already begun, or begin your next chapter of their adventure to your next degree of Black Belt. Classes are limited to 15 students each, ages 4+ and are held according to the FWISD calendar year, September-May.

Schedule: Monday & Wednesday, taught by our Founder, Abundio Munoz, 8th Degree Black Belt. 

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Looking for a fun and effective way to empower your group with self-defense techniques? We have worked closely with a wide range of entities including women's networking groups, high school seniors prior to entering college, large and small employers, real estate agents, schools, and non-profit organizations providing them with self-awareness and hands-on solutions to think and act defensively so that you never have to be the victim.

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Whether you would like to get one-on-one self-defense training, would like to advance faster through the belt rankings, or just want to refine your technique, private lessons with one of our top instructors are for you. Private lessons allow students to focus with an instructor on an enhanced strategy specific to their goals, or areas where they just need a little extra help.


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